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Sound Healing with ETOILE

With the wisdom of the bowls, Etoile can assist you back to a naturally balanced state of being, where all chakras are back in alignment and frequency of balanced life.  This is a perfect way to help prepare you for your soul journey.


Tibetan sound healing is an effective and proven modality that uses vibrational sound through the ringing of Tibetan bowls which are struck and sung. Sound Healing is an ancient practice dating back 4,000 years. It has been known to improve not only one's health but their overall well-being and create a state of bliss.

$100.00 per hour


Psychedelics offer a window into the true nature of our human experience. The plant medicine drops the mental barriers of our constructed identity to allow the truth and paradox of who we are to rise in our awareness.


As we become conscious of the vast complexity of life and nature, it can be very helpful to have a guide in integrating these new and sometimes disorienting or uncomfortable understandings. 


Elizabeth Uslander is a Psychedelic Integration Counselor, and the Founder of Voyages, LLC in San Diego, CA. As a loving practitioner, Elizabeth works closely with her clients in their transformative journeys to heal the wounds of a lifetime and navigate life’s major transitions through nurturing interpersonal relationships and psychospiritual teachings & practices.

Elizabeth earned her Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, in ethics and social justice from Georgetown University in Washington, DC. She then completed her Master of Theological Studies from Wesley Theological Seminary, also in Washington, DC., before graduating cum laude from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles with her Master of Social Work.

Following her ordination in the ecumenical Universal Life Church Ministry in 2007, Elizabeth has served as a Medical Social Worker and Spiritual Counselor in the fields of spiritual transformation, grief and bereavement counseling, end of life care, family counseling, mental health and addiction recovery, community resource development, and early childhood development and education. 


Elizabeth supports and facilitates transformation through her unique therapeutic & educational modality that integrates Eastern & Western, modern & ancient, traditional & alternative psycho-spiritual principles and practices. For more information about engaging Elizabeth’s counseling services, please contact her directly via her website:

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